About Us

BINDU Records is a music studio that was founded (under another name) around a decade ago by producer Tom Jeefs. The name Bindu Records was inspired by knowledge concerning the subtle energy body of human beings. Music is vibration, one of many manifestations of pure energy, closely linked to the natural vibration of the universe. It is not just a play on Hinduistic culture, it is an expresion of sacred knoledge that is universally valid, but largely unknown.

What's the Bindu?

The Bindu (Sanskrit बिंदु for "point") is a chakra located on the upper back of the head. It represents an infinitely small dot, similar to a singularity, a point that contains all the potential of the universe manifesting into reality. While creativity is usually assigned to other chakras in the spiritual sciences, the Bindu underlays the basic principle of creation.

The Bindu chakra is said to be the source of Bindu fluid, a mixture of a nectar called Amrit, and a poision, that both flow down inside of the head towards Visshudi, the throat chakra. For singers, the throat chakra is probably the most important point of the energetic body. If your Visshudhi is open, meaning not blocked by self-limiting beliefs, the fluid flowing down from Bindu will be purified at that point and empower you energetically.

Our philosophy

We as humans are creators, similar to God himself we can manifest thoughts and ideas into reality through the process of physical action. Not everybody is an artist or inventor, but each one of us has the potential to personally create and shape one aspect of our collective reality. At Bindu Records we try to support the process of crafting your ideas uninfluenced by stigmas or external expectations.