Frequently Asked Questions on BinduRecords online mastering service

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Mastering is all about making subtle changes to balance out a mix, either one track on its own or a multitude of songs to balance the whole album. While a mix gets its final loudness at the mastering process, if you want a clean and loud sound it is crucial you already mix with the loudness aspect in mind. A mix that’s ready for mastering is balanced and energetic on its own. The magic key word here is balanced. It’s neutral in frequency response and is relatively even in terms of loudness throughout the song. Furthermore there are no compressors squeezing the dynamics of the song too much, and no limiters or EQ’s on the master bus. If you can make your mix sound great without putting anything on the master bus at all, you’re on the right track to receive a great result from mastering.
Should I go for stem mastering or regular mastering?
BinduRecords very few studios that offers up to 3 stereo stems at such a competative rate. We do this because we believe in the advantage of analog summing and giving the customer a choice about what he needs. Stem mastering is a great option if you are still a little bit unsatisfied with your mix, of if you feel like elements of the mix could benefit from receiving individual analog treatments. If you are satisfied with your mix overall and are looking for that extra loudness, punch and clarity we recommend you go with the regular stereo mastering.
How to export my mix for mastering?
Export your mix at the same samplerate and bitrate you have been working in. If you have recorded your song at 88.2 kHz we recommend you also export your final mix at 88.2 kHz. Any downsampling or dithering should be the very last step in the chain because any conversion and analog treatment will benefit from a higher resolution.
How to export my stems?
For knowing how to chose the right stems for your project check out our blog post on stem mastering. Stems will commonly have effects on them since they are parts of the mix but your master bus should again be empty. Double check your stems by adding them back together in your DAW – the full mix should sound exactly as before exporting it into subgroups
How should I send my files?
When you make a purchase on our site you will be redirected to an upload form after your payment has been cleared. For any further questions please e-mail us at
Can I be there when mastering?
For attended session please write us a message at +4369910147425 or