Check the Hype - Is Online Marketing really the holy grail of this decade and the future?

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Sometimes the hype surely makes it seem like it, but we need to understand online marketing in the larger context to really draw use from it. Especially in the music field it is not that easy to just pump some money into online-ads and see your fanbase grow. Facebook and Google Ads are optimized towards businesses, with algorithms targeting people that are most likely to buy a product from an online store or funnel page. Since there is no clear-cut conversion event when you are blasting your new music video out to the masses, optimizing your ad spend reveals itself to be a tough challenge.

Online marketing can not be seen as the sole solution to missing resonance for artists. Rather it should be seen as one gear in the clockwork that can make the whole thing start ticking. The future of success in online marketing lays mainly in one important factor - the content itself. Marketing is moving away from spraying millions of people with a myriad of adverts, so called guerrilla marketing tactics, to more refined audiences that lets the algorithms of facebook, google & co carefully pick the people that are supposed to see your ad. These algorithms are also becoming better at analyzing content and are becoming harder to fool.

That in short means, if your content is missing one or more key factors, for instance doesn’t look interesting or professional enough, your campaign will not perform regardless of what techniques and how much money you are using. That will not only be reflected in the fact that your ads are performing poorly in terms of recruiting people, they will even rarely be shown to anyone because the algorithms already know they are not working after a few test runs.

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