What's the future of mastering?

One thing is for certain, people are not using CD's any more to listen to music on the regular. The control over how music sounds at the end consumer level is slowly slipping out of the hands of the artists and egineers, into the algorithms of Spotify and Youtube. This especially applies to the two main areas of mastering, overall frequency balance and loudness. Youtube & co are monitoring dynamic range to play back songs at the same volume and streaming services are already the number one medium of music consumption - So with all this in mind, how long before automatic mastering will rule the industry?

Our approach for mastering music that has mostly been recorded in home studio environments focuses on what needs to stand out in the song. Analog signal paths will give the material a dimension of depth on which mastering algorithms are missing out. Surely, they will be a quick solution to get your music to sound more "in line" with the rest before uploading, but they won't be able to bring out the feeling and sound-signature that your specific records needs. Because of this philosophy our basic mastering packages include 2 or 3 stems at overseeable rates, that will enable a more in-depth shaping of the sound, and will make a less-than-stellar mix come together more easily.


Stereo Track

Choose this option if you are fairly confident with your mix and just looking for the final analog polish.

€ 15

Two Stems

Choose this option if you are having trouble balancing two elements of the mix, like the instrumental and vocals. If you recorded vocals over a finished instrumental, this option can help you fusing them together.

€ 20

Three Stems

Send us three sub-groups if you are working with 3 different categories of instruments that need some tweaking to play together.

€ 25